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Wire & Pearl Cuff

Wire & Pearl Cuff

This cuff was designed by Juliet and is taught in our jewellery making workshops


1.5mm Silver Plated Copper Wire

0.4mm Silver Plated Copper Wire

7 x 8mm Swarovski Crystal Pearls (we’ve used Night Blue but you can make this bracelet in just about any colour you like)

A selection of other beads and crystals – we’ve used 3mm silver plated beads & 4mm Swarovski crystals in Montana and Crystal AB

Tools Required: Steel Mandrel Set, Side Cutters. Nylon Jaw Pliers


1. Begin by cutting a 40cm long length of 1.5mm silver plated copper wire

2. Take the larger of the two mandrels and form a loop towards one end of the wire by bending it around the end of the mandrel (see below). Snip off the end of the wire and use your Nylon Jaw Pliers to tuck the end of the loop in so that it doesn’t stick out.

3. Continue around the wire making loops with the larger mandrel every 1.5 inches, as you go bend the wire into the shape of a cuff (a rough oval shape will do), test the size against your wrist and once it’s the correct size finish it off by snipping off any excess wire and tucking in the end of the last loop using your Nylon Jaw Pliers (don’t make too big or it will move around too much when you where it). Your finished base should look something like the one below:

4. Next take a 2 meter long length of 0.4mm Silver Plated Coper Wire and lash it onto your first loop as below (bury the end of the wire inside your wraps).

5. Next start attaching the beads to the base of the cuff by threading them onto the 0.4mm wire and wrapping the wire around the cuff. You’ll need to keep the tension on the 0.4mm wire nice and tight to get the beads to stay in place – if you’re beads are slipping around then you’re not pulling the wire tight enough. If you get any kinks in your 0.4mm wire then use your Nylon Jaw Pliers to pull them out.

6. As you go around the cuff you may want to add some little twisted spirals to the wire – do this with the smaller of the two mandrels – see picture below:

7. Once you reach the other end of the cuff wrap the wire around a few times and snip off any excess, cut another 2 meter length and attach it as in step 4 and work back around the cuff adding more beads to fully "encrust" the cuff with beads and gems…once you’re done tuck the end of your wire in between some beads and snip off any excess making sure that there are no sharp edges.

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