Constantine Bracelet Tutorial

Make this beautiful Constantine Bracelet designed by Lauren Donley Brown for Spoilt Rotten Beads.

You’ll need the following:

26 x Helios Par Puca (we used Metallic Matte Blue)

12 x Samos Par Puca Beads (we used Metallic Matte Blue)

24 x Arcos Par Puca Beads (we used Copper Gold Matte)

11/0 Miyuki or Toho Seed Beads (we used Miyuki Duracoat Galvanised Muscat)

15/0 Miyuki or Toho Seed Beads (we used Miyuki Metellic Steel Blue Luster)

26 x SuperDuo Beads (we used Halo Cerulean Blue)

Clasp (Toggle or Magnetic Clasp)

DuraThread and size 10 Beading Needle

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