Crimp Forming Pliers


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Crimp forming pliers or Crimping Pliers are used for folding sterling silver crimp tubes. Crimping pliers have two sets of ridges in the jaws of the plier. The first set of ridges are used to squash the crimp bead into a U shape and the second set of ridges then folds and “crimps” that U shape securely so that the crimp bead grips the wire. Crimping pliers are only suitable for use with 2x2mm sterling silver crimp beads. Crimping pliers will not work effectively with silver plated crimp beads – this kind of crimp bead is designed to be squashed with a pair of chain nose pliers.

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Crimp Forming Pliers


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Crimp Forming Pliers
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Good product, by looking at the picture i though it was going to be a different plier, but the one that came works perfectly fine, so no issues. No Comment
I had ordered the wrong type of crimp pliers and was contacted by phone to sort out the problem so that was most helpful. No Comment
Perfect for the job at a competitive price. No Comment
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As Above No Comment
Good quality No Comment
Good No Comment
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I give this a good , as I have a crimping pliers that crimp two different size crimps and I find it great , i just dont seem to be able to find one like it. No Comment
Excellent No Comment
lovely colour and very good quality No Comment
Good No Comment

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