Cellini Spiral Stitch

Cellini Spiral Photo Tutorial


Miyuki Seed Beads – we recommend that you choose contrasting colours so that you can see the full effect of the spiral, if your beads are too similar in colour it will not look as effective.

Fireline 6lb Thread

Size 12 Beading Needle

To get a spiral that undulates in size you’ll need to use a variety of different sized seed beads.

The blue spiral bracelet in the picture above uses two colours of size 8/0 and then three colours of 11/0 seed beads and one colour of 15/0 seed beads.

For the tutorial below we have used one colour of 15/0, two colours of 11/0 Delica Beads, one colour of 11/0 seed beads and one colour of 8/0 seed beads.


1. Begin by threading your needle onto the longest length of Fireline thread that you’re comfortable working with (I tend to work with a 2 meter length of thread).

2. Now pick up 4 of your smallest beads followed by two each of all the other beads up to the largest bead, then continue picking up the other beads but reverse the pattern back down until you get to the smallest beads (do not thread on any more of the smallest beads). The pattern we have used is as follows:

4×15/0, 2×11/0 DB, 2x/11/0 DB, 2×11/0 DB, 2×11/0, 2×8/0, 2×11/0, 2×11/0DB, 2×11/0DB, 2X11/0DB:

3. Sew back through all the beads in the line to make a circle, exit from the last 15/0 added and leave a tail approx 20cm long:

4. As your thread is exiting a 15/0 pick up another 15/0, skip the next bead (11/0 DB) and go through the following bead 11/0DB:

5. Continue around the circle picking up the same bead that you’ve just exited from, skipping a bead and going through the following bead.

Always remember to pick up the same bead that you’ve just exited from – when you’re looking ahead it’s very easy to pick up the bead that you’re about to go through rather than the same one you’ve exited from!

The beads will sit flat on the side of the first row – don’t worry, you’ll pull them up into a spiral on the next row.

6. Exit the first 15/0 you get to and pick up another 15/0 (the first image below)

Now “step up” by going through the next two 15/0 that you reach (the second image below)

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the next row of beads but this time begin to bring the beads up so that they start to sit on top of one another and from a spiral. Don’t forget to “step up” to the next row when you get around to the 15/0 (see second image)

8. Continue adding more rows.

Tip: Do not pull your thread too tight, you’ll need to keep the tension a tiny bit loose so that the beads can move a bit or your spiral will be too stiff and won’t curve around your wrist.

To finish off your spiral and add a clasp:

Your bracelet will need to be a little longer than a regular bracelet due to the thickness of the spiral so do check that it is long enough before you finish it off!

Close the ends off by continuing to bead around the spiral as you have been doing but only add every other bead i.e. skip through two “up” beads at a time, thereby missing out a bead and gradually closing the ends off.

To add a clasp take the thread out of a bead in the centre of the spiral and thread on 6-8 15/0 beads, add your clasp and another 6-8 15/0 beads, go through the beads in the spiral and back through the beads in the clasp several times. Weave your thread back into the spiral until it is secure and trim – repeat for the other side of the clasp.



8 thoughts on “Cellini Spiral Stitch

  1. Hi, I am trying to stitch Cellini but every time I have tried it bursts it seams! I have tried different tensions and different beads (in case they might be sharp), but it keeps breaking when i am about 3/4 way around. I have used a mandrel to support it. Any idea’s what I might be doing wrong?

    1. Hi Clare,

      Thank you for your message. I’m not sure what can be happening other than maybe the beads you are using have sharp edges around the holes and are cutting through your thread. Other than that without seeing a picture of your work I’m not sure what to suggest as I’ve never seen this happen before. Are you able to email a picture over to customerservice@spoiltrottenbeads.co.uk?
      Best wishes


    2. This keeps happening to me as well. Have tried a double thread & it still ‘bursts’ open!! Heeelp!!!

  2. Hi. Could you tell me how many packs of each type of bead are required to make a bracelet ? Many thanks

    1. one pack will be more than enough Maggie – you don’t need many of each kind of bead

  3. I love your video tutorials They are very easy to follow. However I have a friend that is not computer savvy, so she needs a written tutorial. She is very interested in the Cellini Spiral. The problem is that none of the pictures so up on my computer. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sally,

      You can download and print a full tutorial for the cellini spiral for your friend here https://www.spoiltrottenbeads.co.uk/product/cellini-spiral-stitch-bracelet-pattern-free-downloadable/ just add it to your shopping cart and go through the check out to receive a link to the download.
      Best wishes

      1. Thanks. You are the best!!!!!