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Dorothy Bracelet – Step by Step Tutorial

Dorothy Bracelet Photo Tutorial

Gather the following supplies:

4mm Chrysolite Fire Polish Beads

Matte Gold Plated Daisy Spacer Beads

Gold Plated Heart Toggle

Gold Plated Channel Charm – Peridot

Gold Plated Crimps

4mm Gold Plated Jump Rings

Step by Step

  • Cut a 20cm length of Tigertail wire, thread on a crimp bead and one half of the clasp, now squash the crimp bead with your chain nowe pliers

  • Thread on a daisy spacer bead, fire polish bead, daisy spacer etc – keep threading the beads in the same pattern until your bracelet is the desired length

  • Crimp the other side of the clasp to the wire and trim off the excess wire

  • Finally attach the charm to the toggle clasp using a jump ring

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